DISH Network is Introducing New Package Options For Their DISHLATINO Subscribers

Such as HD add-on packages as well as “DISHLATINO DVR Packs” so that DISHLATINO customers with DVRs may also enjoy special package discounts.

DISH Network is planning to launch a new HD DVR receiver named the ViP612 DVR/HD SoloDVR Receiver. The ViP612/ HD SoloDVR Receiver is planned to be released early this year and has the ability to record up to 30 hours of high-definition programming or 200 hours of standard-definition programming. The ViP612 DVR is the perfect second or third HD-DVR receiver.

DISH Network also unveils their Best Promotional Offer with 3 Months Free Programming. DISH Network is committed to providing our customers with maximum value, choice, and customer satisfaction plus DISH Network remains the lowest all-digital price nationwide every day, with the best channels at the lowest price!

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