Pets can sense when a storm is on its way. Do not be surprised if Fluffy starts to behave erratically and prefers hiding under the bed rather than perched on your lap purring away. But when the storm finally arrives, how do you comfort your cats who are also caught up in it? Read on to find out what you can do to help your cats through a storm.

How To Comfort Cats During a Storm: Bring Outside Cats Inside

Outside cats may well loathe the idea of coming back inside the house ordinarily. But once they sense that a storm is moving in, many cats will not think twice before darting for the door and scratching at it to be let in. There is very little you can do once the storm has arrived if your cats are caught up in it outside. Searching for your cats can put you at risk of falling debris, trees and gale force winds. But once cats have been brought inside to the warmth and safety of the home, you will be in a better position to help your cats get through the storm, than if they have been left outside on their own searching for shelter.

How to Comfort Cats During a Storm: Extra Attention

Some cats can get by on as little human contact as possible, only approaching their owners and rubbing up against them when they want to signal that they are hungry or thirsty. But even the most aloof and independent of cats can become clingy and want to spend more time around their owners. The reason is quite obvious. The cats are seeking security and protection from their owners. This might involve jumping into their owner’s lap and refusing to get back down again or cuddling up with them in bed.

Some cat owners do not like it when they cats become clingy and will not leave them alone. But rather than see this kind of behaviour as a nuisance, cat owners should see it for what it really is. Would they turn their sobbing children away from them during a storm and tell them to just get over it? Hardly! Cats also need reassurance and comfort during a storm. Cat owners should pay their cats more than the usual attention so that the cats feel content in the knowledge that their cat owners have everything under control and are doing all they can to protect them from the storm.

Responsible cat owners should be sensitive to their cats and do what they can to speak soothingly to them and to comfort them in much the same way as they would their young children under the same circumstances.