Laundry without detergent may appear to be a fanciful proposal, but as a result of its CleanStart® laundry program produced by RainSoft, you can get clean, fresh-smelling clothes without needing to use any harsh chemicals including detergents or softeners. This innovative product installs on the cold water of your washing system and can be used with washing machine machines of all makes, styles, and sizes, so that you may make certain it is going to work together with the version at your property. The machine operates by injecting a restricted quantity of Activated air, which can be a powerful all-natural disinfectant, in your clean up water, permitting the water to wash your clothes without relying upon harsh substances.

Along with, what is more, our methods too:

  • Usage of cold water, so eliminating the energy required to warm the water and boosting additional savings
  • Run with less energy compared to the usual 40-watt light bulb, so helping keep your energy prices low
  • reduce the necessity to substitute clothes — Activated warm water Won’t wear away at clothe-like bleaches or compounds, permitting your favorite clothing items to survive more

In total, expecting our Knowledgeable technicians to put in a CleanStart® program in your house can net you up to $6,500 in savings during the next 10 decades, which makes buying our detergent-free laundry program an exceptional method to spend less.

For more Info About the way our CleanStart® system will assist you to do your own laundry Detergent, speak to your local licensed RainSoft dealer now.