Power Washing

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Power washing may be utilized to wash brick Exterior and interior partitions. The electricity washing machine may be utilized upto 100 feet from the constructions being washed. If not implemented carefully and within sensible border, pressure water cleaning can damage the masonry. By way of instance, in case the Nozzle strain at too much 700 psi it may harm the bricks and overtake mortar joints.

Grit Blasting Services

Grit blasting is an industrial process Where surfaces are treated to make them rough or smooth by spraying a forced stream of grit to the surface. This treatment has a vast range of industrial applications such as; eliminating contaminants in the surface, polishing and removing rust.

The abrasive material that is used varies Based on what’s being cleaned. And what is happening to it once it has been cleaned. This procedure of cleaning can be utilized to remove organic matter (mosses / lichens / algae) from many surfaces, especially brickwork and stonework. The oceans heat also helps fully kill the spores of organic matter thus raising the length of time required between cleaning. This system can be utilised to remove paints out of stonework and brickwork (in some circumstances a paint softener will also need to be placed on the surface to assist in removal) listed building cleaning.

TORC & DOFF Cleaning

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The DOFF system (that utilizes superheated Water) differs in activity to additional systems. Which exits the nozzle, at a fan design. This method or system utilizes a water Distribution method, which gets to a high pressure device pump. Here the pressure Is increased to the required amount before entering the’hotbox’. The pressure Can be corrected by the operator and is independent of the temperature atmosphere. Inside the heater section, the temperature may rise to 150C just before it Passes on via a heat resistant nozzle. This nozzle leads the heated water On the surface to be washed in fan such as motion.